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Fixing ActionScript Errors

Fixing ActionScript errors is always a difficult task for new developers.  The cryptic language that Flash likes to communicate back to the user with is not always the easiest to understand.  A typical ActionScript error in Flash Professional will look something like this: Implicit coercion?  It’s pretty obvious why people struggle learning ActionScript.  There are essentially two parts to an ActionScript Error:  The location (on the left) and the description (on the right).  Double-clicking on an error takes you to … Continue reading

Flash vs. HTML5: Stop the drama!

I thought I’d post a few resources for anyone out there still confused about the Flash vs. HTML5 battle. A  number of people are still wondering about the fate of Flash or whether Adobe is for or against HTML5.  Hopefully some of the following resources will help clear the air. Adobe loves HTML5 Adobe is very excited about HTLM5.  Yes, I said very excited.  At Adobe MAX this year, they spent a lot of time demonstrating their support for HTML5. … Continue reading

Head to Head: Flash, Flash Catalyst, and InDesign

Creative Suite 5 made it possible to develop Flash applications with three different products: Flash Professional (FL), Flash Catalyst (FC), and InDesign (ID).  I’ve watched a lot of demos on Adobe TV about this and was inspired to compare all three.  I just posted a four-part series on our video site.  My goal was to build the same application with all three products.  Here is how the four parts break down: Part 1 – Workflow: I import the design from … Continue reading

Flex and IE8-64bit

If your using Flex Builder 3 or Flash Builder 4 as your development tool, you may see this issue when testing your applications in Internet Explorer: Internet Explorer is not finding the Flash Player plugin so you are seeing the alternate content.  The reason for this is most likely because you are testing in the 64-bit version of Internet Explorer 8.  Flash Player is currently not 64-bit compatible (see my note at the end of the post about this).  To … Continue reading