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Adobe Captivate 5: Master Slides

You’re in the middle of developing a Captivate project and you think to yourself, “Boy, it sure would be nice to have my company logo appear on all of the slides.  And maybe a footer at the bottom of each slide that displays the course title.”   In the old days, the only option you had was to add an image or a text caption and set the Timing properties to display the object for the rest of the project.  Not … Continue reading

Publish Captivate 5 to the iPhone/iPad

UPDATE: Adobe has just posted an “experimental technology” that allows Captivate 5.5 content to be exported to HTML5.  This would allow iPhone and iPad users to view Captivate content natively in a web browser: http://labs.adobe.com/technologies/captivate_html5/ UPDATE 2: Adobe has just posted a MUCH better way to do this: http://bit.ly/sIroGS Captivate 5 shipped with an extra option in the publish settings: Enable SWF for conversion to iPhone application. However, there isn’t a a lot of documentation to support this feature.  If … Continue reading

Getting started with iPhone/iPad development

There’s a lot of excitement around mobile development.  When Adobe released Creative Suite 5 last year, they released their Packager for iPhone.  It’s a tool that converts Flash/Air applications to native iOS applications.  This tool was shipped with Flash CS5 and there are currently 1000′s of applications in the iTunes store that have been built with Flash. Don’t you love the irony? Over the next week or so, I will be posting a number of videos and tutorials on developing … Continue reading

Text Display Issue in Captivate 4

Recently, a student brought a Captivate 4 issue to our attention. When creating a project, their text captions looked fine during development. However when published, it looked like bold formatting had been applied to the text. After digging a bit deeper, we discovered the issue was only occurring in transparent text captions. The problem? Anti-aliasing.    Anti-WHAT?? Anti-aliasing is used to smooth the edges of text and graphics on your computer screen.  Your computer screen is made up of pixels. Without anti-aliasing, your text would … Continue reading

Captivate 5 Webinar Recap

We just finished a great webinar on some of the new features of Captivate 5.  The webinar was mostly a demonstration, but here are the slides.  They are short, but have some good information on Captivate and the new features of Captivate 5. Captivate 5 Webinar Slides View more presentations from easelsolutions.

Replay slide in Captivate 5

Replay a slide?  That doesn’t seem so tough.  Well, it’s not the most intuitive process in Captivate.  You can easily tell a button to take you to the next slide or the previous slide, but if you simply want to replay the current slide, you need to do a little advanced scripting.  Don’t worry, it’s pretty easy to pull off. Select your button and find the Actions section of the Properties panel. On Success, select Execute Advanced Actions and click … Continue reading

Consistent browser size with Captivate recordings

Adobe Captivate is a great tool for creating demonstrations on your computer.  In a case where you are capturing a process in a web browser, a major hurdle is consistency when re-recording or editing the demonstration.  As you begin a new recording, you need to make sure the browser window is the exact same size each time you record.  Otherwise you’ll see a jump from slide to slide.  Here are a few tips to make this process a lot easier. … Continue reading