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cf.Objective() Presentation: Multi-screen Development

I was fortunate enough to give a presentation at this year’s cf.Objective() conference in Minneapolis.  My presentation was titled Multi-screen Development with Adobe AIR. Below are the slides from my presentation.  The last slide in the deck has some additional resources where you can download sample files and get started developing mobile applications. Multiscreen Development with Adobe Air  View more presentations from easelsolutions.

Getting started with iPhone/iPad development

There’s a lot of excitement around mobile development.  When Adobe released Creative Suite 5 last year, they released their Packager for iPhone.  It’s a tool that converts Flash/Air applications to native iOS applications.  This tool was shipped with Flash CS5 and there are currently 1000′s of applications in the iTunes store that have been built with Flash. Don’t you love the irony? Over the next week or so, I will be posting a number of videos and tutorials on developing … Continue reading

AIR NativeDragManager and Windows 7

Hopefully this tip will save you an hour of debugging.  I was working with the NativeDragManager in an Adobe AIR app and I couldn’t get my application to accept an image file being dragged from the file system.  The reason was due to the elusive Windows 7 “Run as Administrator” setting. I had opened Flash Builder 4 in administrator mode by right-clicking on the shortcut and choosing “Run As Administrator.”  I do this anytime I’ve installed/updated Flash Builder because it … Continue reading

Mobile Webinar Recap

Just finished a webinar on creating mobile applications with Adobe AIR.  In the presentation we covered three developer programs (iOS, RIM, Android) and demonstrated the entire development process.  We took a PSD file into Flash, created the application and tested it on a device.  We then submitted the app to the Android Marketplace.  To download the app, search “Easel Solutions” in the Android Marketplace.  Download design templates for an Android device here.  Check out the slides from the presentation: Mobile … Continue reading

Android applications for the non-programmer

Are you a non-programmer with some basic Flash skills that REALLY wants to hop on the mobile bandwagon and make an application that will make you millions of dollars?  If so, I have a tutorial video for you!  I just uploaded another video on mobile development.  I wanted to demonstrate building a simple mobile applications and submitting it to the Android Marketplace.  This allows you to see the entire process.  The application is a simple reference application:  Click a button, … Continue reading

New videos posted: Testing Android Applications

I just posted two more videos about creating Android applications with Flash CS5.  The first video shows how to test your application on an Android Device.  The second video shows how to set up the Android Emulator and test your application (if you don’t have a device).  For the record, I highly recommend picking up a testing device if you are serious about mobile development.  The emulator doesn’t have the best performance and can be a little frustrating to set … Continue reading

Get a free BlackBerry PlayBook!

Research in Motion (RIM) announced at Adobe MAX this  year that you can receive a free BlackBerry PlayBook tablet by successfully submitting an application to the Blackberry App World.  This is a pretty exciting announcement for Flash/Flex developers because the PlayBook is fully supporting Adobe AIR.  This means you can build an AIR application using the BlackBerry Tablet OS SDK, test the application in the simulator, and publish the application to the BlackBerry App World.  Assuming your application meets the … Continue reading