Using Templates in Adobe Captivate 5/5.5- Part 1

Original article published in  ASTD Nebraska’s monthly newsletter SCENARIO:   You have been asked to develop an eLearning course in Adobe Captivate to teach employees about the company’s new billing system.  The course will consist of a dozen training modules.   Where do you begin? BEGIN WITH A PROJECT TEMPLATE A project template acts as the foundation, or blueprint, for subsequent projects.  When creating a template, you should include reusable elements such as: Title/Objectives/Conclusion slides with placeholders for text Placeholder slides Placeholder … Continue reading

Mobile Development for the Masses- Part Deux

There’s no way around it.  The public at large is embracing mobile technology with a vengeance and as a result, businesses have to adapt and follow suit. The challenge that many businesses are facing with the mobile revolution is “Where do I start?”  A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog post explaining the various mobile development options.  These options range from repurposing existing web content to creating a mobile app. So, which option is right for you?  What are … Continue reading

Revisited: Captivate to the iPad

I while back, I posted a tutorial on how to convert a Captivate SWF file to an iPad app.  The tutorial involved some pretty intense command line hacking and a little bit of magic.  Nonetheless, I proved it could be done.  With an update to the HTML5 Converted for Captivate now posted to the Adobe Labs website, the process has gotten easier and has a couple additional options.  It’s still not “supported“, but I’m sure we’ll see a refined process … Continue reading

HTML5, Flash and Adobe

If you haven’t heard, Adobe Systems announced they will “no longer continue to develop Flash Player in the browser to work with new mobile device configurations.” First, let’s understand what this means: Future devices will no longer be able to view Flash content in a web browser. For Flash developers, this really doesn’t change anything.  Before I explain why this doesn’t change anything, I want to say (and I’ll reiterate) that you can still use Flash Professional and Flash Builder to make … Continue reading

Adobe Reader for iOS

Adobe Reader is now available for iPhone and iPad. This free app is available for download in the iTunes app store.  Adobe Reader for iOS has been designed with the touch screen user in mind and includes many of the same features that desktop users have come to love including bookmarks, text search, and thumbnail navigation. iOS users can also print wirelessly with AirPrint and email PDFs as attachments. As of yet, annotation capabilities are not part of the current … Continue reading

Is your website optimized for mobile technology? An overview of Mobile Development for the Masses

Few things are more frustrating for a mobile user than trying to view a website that is not optimized for mobile devices.  With growing trends in mobile technology, it is important for businesses to develop content that is easily accessible from various mobile devices.  Dustin Tauer’s session at the Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce provided a great overview of mobile content development.  During this seminar, Dustin discussed a variety of methods that businesses can use to deploy content that is … Continue reading

Trainer’s Institute

I’m excited for my presentation at the ASTD Nebraska Chapter’s Trainer’s Institute event today.   For everyone attending, you can view/download my slides below. Trainers Institute eLearning Presentation  View more presentations from easelsolutions.

Easel Solutions Seminar on Mobile Development:

Have you thought about building an iPad or iPhone app? How about Android? Join Dustin Tauer  from Easel Solutions for a mobile primer at the Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce west office onTuesday, October 25 from 10am to noon.   Dustin will talk about what you need for each platform. He will also demo a few different ways you can make mobile applications including Flash/ActionScript, HTML/JavaScript, and the Corona SDK. Dustin will also talk about the new Digital Publishing Suite … Continue reading

Easel Solutions presenting at SBAM Rule of Thumb Conference in November

The countdown is on for the Rule of  Thumb Small Business Conference put on by the Small Business Association of the Midlands.  The daylong conference is designed to help small business owners in Nebraska and Iowa develop and grow their businesses. Topics that will be covered in break-out sessions throughout the day will include social media, marketing, business finance and new tax laws.  I’m very excited to be presenting a session on software technology.  The session is going to cover … Continue reading

Slides from the October MN.swf Meeting

We had another great MN.swf meeting.  Adam Zucchi started things off talking about his mobile development experience and showed a lot of techniques he used to overcome some obstacles (showed lots of code too!).   Then Zara Gonzalez talked about her lessons-learned with four super cool mobile applications (also displayed her obsession with monsters…hehe). I ended the meeting with a lightning round of announcements from Adobe MAX.  My slides were packed full with links to more information. Here’s the slide deck … Continue reading