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Adobe Captivate: Manage Hyperlinks

First off, if you missed the webinar on how to Create Software Simulations with Adobe Captivate, here’s a link to the recording:  Creating Software Simulations with Adobe Captivate Webinar.  We had a lot of positive feedback on this session so if you have time, check it out! One of the webinar participants reached out to me after the session with a question about linking to a URL  in Adobe Captivate. In her project, one of the slides includes a button … Continue reading

Using Templates in Adobe Captivate 5/5.5 (Part Two)

Original article published in  ASTD Nebraska’s monthly newsletter In part 1, we explored how to create a template in Adobe Captivate.   In part 2, we’ll take a look at Captivate Object Styles.  **Object Styles may be used in a standard Captivate project as well as Captivate templates.** Part 2: Object Styles With the release of Captivate 5, Captive developers were introduced to two great new tools:  Object Styles and Master Slides. These tools are HUGE time savers and help ensure consistency and … Continue reading

Trainer’s Institute

I’m excited for my presentation at the ASTD Nebraska Chapter’s Trainer’s Institute event today.   For everyone attending, you can view/download my slides below. Trainers Institute eLearning Presentation  View more presentations from easelsolutions.

Easel Solutions presenting at SBAM Rule of Thumb Conference in November

The countdown is on for the Rule of  Thumb Small Business Conference put on by the Small Business Association of the Midlands.  The daylong conference is designed to help small business owners in Nebraska and Iowa develop and grow their businesses. Topics that will be covered in break-out sessions throughout the day will include social media, marketing, business finance and new tax laws.  I’m very excited to be presenting a session on software technology.  The session is going to cover … Continue reading

Remove the playback bar in Captivate

A few weeks ago I was working with a student who was interested in removing the skin (playback bar) during a portion of one of her Captivate projects. Her reasons for wanting to turn the skin off were fairly project specific, however I thought this tip might be beneficial to some of our blog readers as well. Why would I want to remove the skin? Well, let’s say that you’re working on a Captivate project and the first part of … Continue reading

Don’t forget to Backup!

We’ve all heard it, yet many of us fail to do it.  Sometimes it creeps into our brains as a passing thought that’s quickly dismissed, much as one might dismiss a mother’s warning about not going swimming right after eating.  And then the day comes when we beat our head against the wall saying “Why?! Why didn’t I save a backup copy of my project?!” Believe me, I am just as guilty as the next person of neglecting this critical … Continue reading