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Remove the playback bar in Captivate

A few weeks ago I was working with a student who was interested in removing the skin (playback bar) during a portion of one of her Captivate projects. Her reasons for wanting to turn the skin off were fairly project specific, however I thought this tip might be beneficial to some of our blog readers as well. Why would I want to remove the skin? Well, let’s say that you’re working on a Captivate project and the first part of … Continue reading

ActionScript2 pods in Adobe Connect 8

Let me preface this post with: The synchronizing of ActionScript 2 Flash files in Adobe Connect 8 is completely unsupported. It’s recommend you use the Flex 3.5 SDK to build custom pods.  This article is meant to show you a way hack you can use to make your AS2 content sync in an Adobe Connect 8 meeting room.  For more information on building a “real” custom pod, download the Collaboration Builder SDK from the Adobe Connect Developer Center.  Stay tuned … Continue reading

Microsoft Tips and Tricks

In the interest of making sure our Microsoft users are not left in the dust, I’ve decided to begin posting mini-tutorials focusing on several of the Microsoft Office products on our video resources page.  These tutorials will be fairly short in duration and will provide a brief overview of  various tools and features.  Check out the first video on how to apply conditional formatting in Excel 2010.

Adobe Captivate 5: Master Slides

You’re in the middle of developing a Captivate project and you think to yourself, “Boy, it sure would be nice to have my company logo appear on all of the slides.  And maybe a footer at the bottom of each slide that displays the course title.”   In the old days, the only option you had was to add an image or a text caption and set the Timing properties to display the object for the rest of the project.  Not … Continue reading

Getting started with iPhone/iPad development

There’s a lot of excitement around mobile development.  When Adobe released Creative Suite 5 last year, they released their Packager for iPhone.  It’s a tool that converts Flash/Air applications to native iOS applications.  This tool was shipped with Flash CS5 and there are currently 1000’s of applications in the iTunes store that have been built with Flash. Don’t you love the irony? Over the next week or so, I will be posting a number of videos and tutorials on developing … Continue reading

“Cannot create property” error in Flash

I just spent an hour trying to fix this error.  When I finally did, I realized it was a super easy problem and should have only taken 10 seconds to fix.  Hopefully this post helps some else out there… The Setup I’m editing a Flash file that was created by someone else (which is why I was blindsided by this issue).  All the ActionScript is in a number of class files….nothing fancy, though.  I added an image to the stage … Continue reading

Text Display Issue in Captivate 4

Recently, a student brought a Captivate 4 issue to our attention. When creating a project, their text captions looked fine during development. However when published, it looked like bold formatting had been applied to the text. After digging a bit deeper, we discovered the issue was only occurring in transparent text captions. The problem? Anti-aliasing.    Anti-WHAT?? Anti-aliasing is used to smooth the edges of text and graphics on your computer screen.  Your computer screen is made up of pixels. Without anti-aliasing, your text would … Continue reading

Adobe FormsCentral on

Adobe just added another service to  FormsCentral is a form creation service which allows you to create, customize, distribute, and track online forms.  Think of this like Survey Monkey on steroids.  FormsCentral gives you the ability to fully customize the look of your form.  Start from a template or start from scratch. It’s pretty slick. Like all the services on, this is free…with limitations.  You can only create one form.  If you want to create a second form, … Continue reading

AIR NativeDragManager and Windows 7

Hopefully this tip will save you an hour of debugging.  I was working with the NativeDragManager in an Adobe AIR app and I couldn’t get my application to accept an image file being dragged from the file system.  The reason was due to the elusive Windows 7 “Run as Administrator” setting. I had opened Flash Builder 4 in administrator mode by right-clicking on the shortcut and choosing “Run As Administrator.”  I do this anytime I’ve installed/updated Flash Builder because it … Continue reading

CS5 Mid-Winter Hot Tips

Now that Punxsutawney Phil has predicted an early spring, I have put up a series of hot-tips in the video resources area to get you through the mid-winter blues. Ranging from improvements in arrowhead and dashed line creation, to updates to Live Corner Effects and a very useful item I learned from an Adobe Evangelist when working with Content Aware Fill.