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Free Blackberry PlayBook – For Real!

I while back, I posted a message about an offer from Blackberry to receive a free Blackberry PlayBook.  I built and submitted an application back on December 23rd.  Today I finally received my approval: Dear App World Vendor, Congratulations!! Research In Motion is pleased to inform you that your product Twin Cities Traffic Cameras for BlackBerry PlayBook is now approved. Currently your application is in an ‘Approved’ state within the vendor portal, please leave in this state until further notice. … Continue reading

Android applications for the non-programmer

Are you a non-programmer with some basic Flash skills that REALLY wants to hop on the mobile bandwagon and make an application that will make you millions of dollars?  If so, I have a tutorial video for you!  I just uploaded another video on mobile development.  I wanted to demonstrate building a simple mobile applications and submitting it to the Android Marketplace.  This allows you to see the entire process.  The application is a simple reference application:  Click a button, … Continue reading

New videos posted: Testing Android Applications

I just posted two more videos about creating Android applications with Flash CS5.  The first video shows how to test your application on an Android Device.  The second video shows how to set up the Android Emulator and test your application (if you don’t have a device).  For the record, I highly recommend picking up a testing device if you are serious about mobile development.  The emulator doesn’t have the best performance and can be a little frustrating to set … Continue reading

Flash vs. HTML5: Stop the drama!

I thought I’d post a few resources for anyone out there still confused about the Flash vs. HTML5 battle. A  number of people are still wondering about the fate of Flash or whether Adobe is for or against HTML5.  Hopefully some of the following resources will help clear the air. Adobe loves HTML5 Adobe is very excited about HTLM5.  Yes, I said very excited.  At Adobe MAX this year, they spent a lot of time demonstrating their support for HTML5. … Continue reading

Adobe Ideas

Your sketching software companion has arrived!  Adobe Ideas is a mobile sketching software application available for the iPhone and iPad.  You can start from scratch or open an image on your device.  It’s basically a virtual canvas where you can start creating ideas for your next design.  The files can be emailed right from your device and you can open them in Photoshop or Illustrator.  Check it out: