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Adobe Learning Summit Presentation

I had a fabulous time at the 2012 Adobe Learning Summit in Las Vegas.  In the afternoon, I gave a presentation on building apps for iOS devices.  My presentation included some general mLearning tips and tricks too.  Below are my slides, session files and a number of resources.  Thanks to everyone who attended and the many eLearning rockstars I got to chat with.  Also a big thanks to the members of the Adobe eLearning Suite and Adobe Connect product teams. … Continue reading

ASTD Twin Cities Conference Wrap-up

I had a busy schedule at this year’s ASTD Twin Cities Regional Conference in Saint Paul.  Three presentations and lots of networking at our exhibitor booth. It was a great show.  Thanks to everyone who attended my sessions and stopped by to chat!  I met a lot of great folks and had some really good discussions. Below is a brief summary of each of my presentations and any slides or resources associated with them.  If you have any feedback, leave … Continue reading

cf.Objective() Presentation: Multi-screen Development

I was fortunate enough to give a presentation at this year’s cf.Objective() conference in Minneapolis.  My presentation was titled Multi-screen Development with Adobe AIR. Below are the slides from my presentation.  The last slide in the deck has some additional resources where you can download sample files and get started developing mobile applications. Multiscreen Development with Adobe Air  View more presentations from easelsolutions.

Easel Solutions at ASTD’s Regional Event

ASTD-Lincoln and ASTD Nebraska have joined forces to bring in a full-day event that will place you in the same room as seven world renowned speakers who will help you Do More With Less. The ASTD Regional Event will bring together over 600 professionals, business and community leaders on May 18, 2011 at the LaVista Conference Center for Human Performance Improvement: Doing More With Less.  The highly anticipated conference features a networking reception the night prior to the event, seven … Continue reading

MNSWF Camp Registration Now Open!

MN Swf Camp is back for 2011 with a great line up of local Flash, Flex & Air developers talking about lots of exciting new topics. Don’t miss this great day-long event of learning and networking. Registration is opened.  SWF Camp has sold out the last 3 years so don’t delay. At only $40 it’s a steal of a deal and a great way to get up to speed on a bunch of topics. The networking is great for everyone from students … Continue reading

Eyeo Festival selling out fast!

Tickets for the Eyeo Festival in June went on sale today, and boy did they ever.  A whopping 200 tickets were sold today, leaving only 150 tickets left.  If you aren’t aware, the Eyeo Festival is the successor to the popular and successful Flashbelt conference.  The speaker line up this year is absolutely rockstar.  Here’s a couple fun facts: So far, there are 10 speakers lined up that have given a TED Talk. 2 of the speakers were voted Fast … Continue reading

Eyeo Festival: June 27-29, 2011

Fans of the perennial Flashbelt conference in Minneapolis have already learned there will be no conference this year.  Here’s the official message from the Flashbelt website: Flashbelt is taking a sabbatical for 2011, but a new event has been launched. If you like Flashbelt, you’ll love the Eyeo Festival. While we’ll all miss this fantastic conference, a new event has emerged to fill its void.  The Eyeo Festival will be making its debut June 27-29, 2011 in Minneapolis.  What’s the Eyeo Festival? … Continue reading

Adobe MAX Day 2: Sneak Peeks

The Sneak Peeks culminated a educational second day of Adobe MAX.  For those of you not familiar with the “Sneaks”, this is Adobe’s opportunity to showcase some experimental technologies they are working on in their secret underground labs.  The disclaimer is these experiments may never actually make it into the products.  So don’t be disappointed if they never make it into the products.  Below is a quick summary of what was showcased.  For the record, Leonard Nimoy was slated to … Continue reading

Keynote: Ready for the Revolution

There were a lot of cool announcements and updates on current products as well as a few surprises.  Firstly, you can watch the keynote in it’s entirety on the Adobe MAX website.  Here’s a quick recap of what was covered in no particular order: Flash Player 10.1 has over 2 million installations on mobile devices.  Adobe expects 10 million by the end of the year. If you aren’t using the new multi-screen features in Dreamweaver CS5 for testing your websites, … Continue reading

Adobe Labs updated: Something for everyone

Tomorrow’s keynote at Adobe Max is titled Welcome to the Revolution.  If history tells us anything, these keynotes are always filled with new product announcements, updates to existing products, and a plethora of state-of-the-union-style information about where Adobe is heading.  It’s that time of the year when Adobe prepares to rejuvenate the digital world.  In preparation for the keynote, I see the Adobe Labs home page has been updated with a little something for everyone.  Four updates and one new release have been added … Continue reading