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CS5 Mid-Winter Hot Tips

Now that Punxsutawney Phil has predicted an early spring, I have put up a series of hot-tips in the video resources area to get you through the mid-winter blues. Ranging from improvements in arrowhead and dashed line creation, to updates to Live Corner Effects and a very useful item I learned from an Adobe Evangelist when working with Content Aware Fill.  

New video tips for InDesign & Adobe Lightroom…

These are two mini-tips showing the new Mini Bridge in InDesign CS5 to locate and reuse linked assets, and simple way to customize the way Lightroom presents your photos in Sideshow mode.

October CS5 Illustrator Tips

Here are some new object features within Illustrator CS5… Paste In Place – If you need to place an object in the exact same position on another artboard, just copy the object and then select the artboard where you would like to paste the object and go File>Paste in Place. Paste on All Artboards – A variation on Paste in Place is the Paste on All Artboards. This command pastes the copied object on all the artboards in the same … Continue reading