No excuses for bad eLearning

Now is the time to upgrade your eLearning tools if you haven’t already. Last month, we saw the release of Adobe Connect 9 which added some great virtual training features and a completely rebuilt event/registration system for managing live online training classes. We also were introduced to the new and improved Captivate 6. I posted my first impressions shortly after the launch and I highly recommend it for anyone developing software demonstrations, interactive simulations or scenario-based training.

People say bad things come in threes. Well, good things do too. Today Adobe released the eLearning Suite 6 which includes the new version of Adobe Presenter (version 8). For those of you old-school Adobe Presenter users, you won’t even recognize this version. It is juiced with new features including a new video capture recording mode. It’s really worth checking out for any developer who builds slide-based, PowerPoint-style eLearning. Adobe Presenter will let you maintain that simple workflow but create rich and engaging content.

This brings me back to my original statement: “No excuses for bad eLearning”. You now have three tools updated to meet the needs of today’s (and tomorrow’s) eLearning developers.

Adobe Captivate 6

  • Learn more here and get the full list of features here.
  • Very versatile since you can create video demonstrations or interactive simulations.
  • HTML5 Publishing option allows content to be viewable on mobile devices

In the end, Adobe Captivate 6 is a very versatile tool that allows developer to create a wide range of content for the web, learning management systems, and mobile devices.

Adobe Presenter 8

  • Learn more here and get the full list of features here.
  • Rapidly add video and interactivity to content created in PowerPoint.
  • Extremely robust feature set for creating presentations worked into a simple, easy to use too.

If you create presentation-style content or you mostly use PowerPoint as your authoring tool, Adobe Presenter is a must-have. Publish your presentations with audio, video, and interactivity to the web, desktop, mobile devices, and LMS’s.

Adobe Connect 9

  • Learn more here and get the full list of features here.
  • Most feature-rich virtual training and web conferencing platform on the market.
  • Save time and money delivering training around the world from your computer or mobile device
  • New Events module rich adds tons of functionality and analytics.

When it comes to live-training, it’s hard to be Adobe Connect. It saves us thousands and thousands of dollars in travel and time costs each year. Whether group or individual training, software demonstrations or marketing events, it’s our go-to platform for Web Conferencing, Learning, and Event Management.

If you’re still looking for more information, here are a few more sites to satisfy your cravings!



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