Adobe Shadow: Great for Mobile Web Designers

I just posted a video about how to get started with Adobe Shadow.  It’s a killer tool for testing websites on mobile devices.  Not only can you synchronize your page navigation with your desktop, but you can also inspect the DOM and see how your CSS is rendering on the device.  Adobe Shadow is a browser plugin for Google Chrome.  The installation process can be found in the video and on the Adobe Labs website.

One thing to note: I’m testing online websites in the video.  If you want to test a webpage that you have on your local development computer, you’ll need to make sure you’re using a testing server like MAMP or XAMPP.  I have a tutorial here about how to set up a local testing server.  Instead of previewing http://localhost/site.html, with Adobe Shadow, you’ll want to make sure you’re using your IP address in the preview (like

By the way, YouTube wrecked the audio a bit so sorry for it being a little quiet ;)


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