Revisited: Captivate to the iPad

I while back, I posted a tutorial on how to convert a Captivate SWF file to an iPad app.  The tutorial involved some pretty intense command line hacking and a little bit of magic.  Nonetheless, I proved it could be done.  With an update to the HTML5 Converted for Captivate now posted to the Adobe Labs website, the process has gotten easier and has a couple additional options.  It’s still not “supported“, but I’m sure we’ll see a refined process in the near future.

The HTML5 Converter for Captivate is currently Windows-only.  When this tool is finalized,  it will most likely be integrated into Captivate and, of course, work for both Windows and OSX.  After publishing an SWF file out of Captivate, you use the tool to convert the SWF to HTML/CSS/JS.  Your course is now a glorified web page.  You could zip up the output and have an iPad friendly learning module ready for your LMS.

The other use case is for a course installed as an Application on your iPad.  The use case here would be if you want to build a reference tool for someone out in the field.  They could quickly look up information in a mobile app that didn’t require an internet connection.  The HTML5 Converter for Captivate can help you here too.  PhoneGap is a tool that will convert HTML content to native iOS and Android applications.  Adobe added PhoneGap into Dreamweaver 5.  You could use PhoneGap to “bundle” the HTML/CSS/JS content you created as an iPad app.  You can find more information about Dreamweaver’s PhoneGap features here.

The thing to remember is that these processes are evolving.  In the near future you’ll see a more refined workflow.  The nice thing is that any future workflow will utilize tools you already have experience with so work you’re doing now is not wasted.  You can leverage your existing skills to reach your future audience.



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  1. I’ve just viewed your Captivate to Ipad video and in it you mention a video on “Signing”. I’ve looked all over your website but can’t seem to find the video. Your help would be appreciated.
    Great site, its immediately gone into my favourites, especially enjoyed the ND Filter video