Monthly Archives: September 2011

Easel Solutions will be presenting at ASTD Nebraska’s Trainer’s Institute

October is an exciting month for learning professionals in the Midwest. Why? Two words: Trainer’s Institute. Trainer’s Institute is a yearly event offered by ASTD Nebraska. This event provides both new and experienced trainers with the opportunity to enhance their knowledge of adult learning principles, improve presentation skills, and learn effective design and development skills. This year, Trainer’s Institute will consist of individual weekly sessions. Participants may purchase sessions individually or the entire session package for a special price. Easel … Continue reading

Adobe Connect 8 + Windows 8

I couldn’t resist the urge to download the developer release of Windows 8.  The OS looks awesome.  I followed a few easy instructions to get it running in Virtual Box on my laptop (didn’t have another computer to install it on).  Every thing worked like a charm.  Then I thought, “I wonder if something like Adobe Connect works out of the box with Windows 8?”  The Flash Player and Connect Add-in installed perfectly.  Sure enough, screen sharing worked like a … Continue reading