Use Auto Fill to Quickly Add Data to your Excel Spreadsheets

Tired of manually typing in repetitive data in Excel? Let auto fill do the work for you! Auto fill is a nifty tool that will allow you to quickly add repetitive or sequential data to your spreadsheets. Imagine that you have a spreadsheet that keeps track of how many hours each employee works per weekday. Instead of typing out each weekday, simply type in Monday (or Mon if you prefer to abbreviate) and press the enter key. Now, select the “Monday” cell. Notice the small square in the bottom right corner of the border of the selected cell. This is the auto fill handle. Move your pointer over the auto fill handle until it looks like a plus (+) sign. Click on the auto fill handle and drag across the row or down the column while holding your mouse button down. As you drag across each cell, you’ll notice a screen tip appears showing you each day of the week in sequence. When you release your mouse button, voila! The days of the week are automatically entered into each cell. A small icon appears at the end of the auto fill sequence. This is the Auto Fill options button. Click this button to make modifications to your filled data. You can use Auto Fill to fill in numerous types of data including numbers, formulas, dates, months and years.

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