Adobe Presenter Updated (7.0.7)

It’s an exciting time for Adobe Presenter users because it’s been updated and now supports ActionScript 3.0.  This means you can add AS3 SWF files (from Captivate 5 and Captivate 5.5).  This also means Adobe Presenter content also works with Adobe Connect 8.  Can you hear all the cheers?

There are a couple things you will want to be aware of:

  • Adobe Presenter 7.0.7 is a FREE UPGRADE for anyone who currently own Adobe Presenter 7 or ANY version of the Adobe eLearning Suite.  Use your existing key for activation.
  • The 7.0.7 Update did not show up when I ran the Adobe Updater.  You need to download the installer from the Adobe Presenter website.
  • Before installing the update, you need to uninstall your existing version of Adobe Presenter.
  • After installing the update, open PowerPoint, go to the Adobe Presenter tab, and choose Help > About Adobe Presenter.  The dialog should reflect the latest version:

Adobe Connect 8 Users:

DO NOT install the Adobe Presenter 7.0.7 update until your account has been updated to Adobe Connect version 8.1.2.  Any earlier version will not be compatible with the Presenter update.  If you are not sure which version you are running, go to your login screen (i.e. and mouse-over the Help link.  The tool-tip will indicate your version:

The screenshot above is from our server which is not yet updated.  The tool tip will read 8.1.2 when updated.



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