Two Videos: Creating custom Adobe Connect 8 pods

I’ve just finished two videos on creating custom pods for Adobe Connect 8 using the Collaboration Builder SDK.  Both Part 1 and Part 2 are posted to our Videos section.

Part 1 demonstrates how to get started building a custom pod with Flash Builder and the Flex 3.5 framework.  This is great for developers because Flex is a fantastic framework to use for development.  However, Flash users are left a bit in the dark because not only do you need to learn ActionScript 3.0 (if you don’t already), but you need to learn Flex/MXML.  There’s where Part 2 comes in to play.  Part 2 demonstrates how you can still use Flash Professional for development.  The source files I used in Part 2 can be downloaded here.

If you are an ActionScript 2.0 developer and don’t want to change, my previous post discusses a hack for using ActionScript 2 to make a custom pod.


Thanks to James Hill for pointing out one more tip:  If you are having problems testing locally, this may be a Flash Player security sandbox issue.  You need to add your development folder as a “trusted location” (or any parent folder).  To do that, click go to this webpage and add your location.

Flex Source Code

A few people has requested the source code for the index.swf file included in the custom pod.  Keep in mind this Flex (MXML/ActionScript 3.0).  If you wish to modify it, you’ll need to create a Flex 3.5 project (not a Flex 4+).  You can download the source here.

14 Responses to Two Videos: Creating custom Adobe Connect 8 pods

  1. Great post !

    Thanks !


  2. Hi, I’ve downloaded the source files for part 2 and have started to build upon your template. However on both my and your example file, when I load up ServiceEmulatorApp.swf and then index_testing.swf, the index_testing.swf just sits their with a grey background, the chat app doesn’t appear. The CustomPod.swf is right there sitting in the same folder, I’m running it as it is out of the downloaded swf file. Any ideas what’s going on?

    Any help would be very much appreciated.

    • What version of the Flash player do you have (it will say it at the top of the Flash Player window when you run your SWF)? You could also try opening the swf’s in a web browser and see if you have a newer version of the browser plugin.

  3. Ok I’ve found another funny issue with the wrapper. I know you’re busy but if you have any idea on this would I’d much appreciate it. I have a html text field with a link event listener attached to it. If I load the swf up on its own then the event listener works as expected. However as soon as I load it into the flex wrapper, the mouse pointer changes to a hand when rolling over a link as normal. However when clicked the event doesn’t bubble through to the function assigned. It just doesn’t appear to recognise the click. Any idea why this would be the case?

  4. These videos are very much appreciated.

    I would love to know what went into making the flex-wrapper “index” and “index-testing” swfs. I would like to make my own flex wrapper so flex/flash program integration doesn’t require project to be titled “CustomPod”

    Thanks again

  5. Hi
    I followed the part1 tutorial, and built the swf using mxmlc.
    However, when loading the swf through the Pods->Share in Adobe connect Pro, I cannot see the Pannel with the text box and button. Any ideas?
    I am using Flex 4.5.1 and Connect Pro
    10X in advance!!!

  6. This was very helpful! Thank you!

    I have been creating custom pods for Connect 7.x for a while a wonder whether this could be modified such that the index and CustomPod files can be consolidated into one swf file, much as things were done before Connect 8. Could you share your Index.swf source or does that require Flex? (I’m not a Flex user and still depend on Flash Pro CS5; planning to rewrite all my custom pods has been stressing me out to no end.)

    Thanks again!

    • Hey Olden – I’ve updated the post to include a link to the Flex source code.

  7. Hi Dustin!

    I work for a company that facilitates webcons through Adobe Connect 8. Recently our content builders have been building their slide decks/presentations in Flash. Our solution now is to reverse engineer the .swf files and mimick their function in PowerPoint. Looking at your tutorials and other info i’ve seen on Adobe TV I know there’s a work around. BUT can you make a sync command once a Flash deck as already been made?

    I’m probably asking the wrong question but I’m hoping you have an answer!


    • Hey Kara – It’s probably going to pretty tricky to get synchronization to work if you’re reverse-engineering the SWF files. It’s already quite a bit of work to get an SWF file Sync’d, unless your developers are using Flash Builder and the Flex SDK. Have you looked at “Adobe Presenter”? Adobe Presenter is a plugin for PowerPoint that exports the slides as synchronous Connect content. Your development is done COMPLETELY in PowerPoint so it’s easy for subject matter experts to be doing the work (not programmers). You can also place SWF files on PPT slides so if you have a widget that was build in Flash, it can be a part of the presentation. Let me know if that helps.

  8. So what would need to be the ideal circumstances (flash Builder, Flex SDK, Action Script 3…)? If they were built in Flash Builder, but without the SDK; but the company provided us with the .fla files could we add the sync function after the fact?

    The issue that we’re having is that the capabilities that they’ve built into the Flash presentation (i.e. scroll over titles, multiple videos in some cases, etc.) I’m not sure even using Adobe presenter will help.


    • The second video I posted on creating custom pods demonstrates how to add the sync functionality with an FLA. So your developers could take the FLA’s and start adding in the functionality per my instructions. My only worry is that the process is technically “unsupported”…meaning it works right now, but could very easily break. The IDEAL circumstance to to rebuild the applications with Flash Builder (using the Flex SDK) and the Connect 8 SDK (like in my first video).

      • Hi Dustin,

        Just wanted to thank you for all of your help last week. We decided to buy Adobe Presenter to test out how it can help in the future. We create a lot of presentation archives and I think it’ll make more sense to create them in Adobe Presenter. Also, got the original FLA files for the presentations that are already made that our IT team is playing with to see if they can get the sync function to work.