Don’t forget to Backup!

We’ve all heard it, yet many of us fail to do it.  Sometimes it creeps into our brains as a passing thought that’s quickly dismissed, much as one might dismiss a mother’s warning about not going swimming right after eating.  And then the day comes when we beat our head against the wall saying “Why?! Why didn’t I save a backup copy of my project?!”

Believe me, I am just as guilty as the next person of neglecting this critical step in the development process.  In fact, as I’m writing this I’m thinking of a number of projects that I need to back up.   As soon as I’m done writing this article…..

Anyone who has ever lost weeks or months of work due to file corruption or the sudden death of a beloved computer knows the value of saving a backup copy.  So first thing’s first: save a copy on either your network drive or on a flash drive.  This is just common sense and will save your neck if your hard drive suffers an untimely death.  Note:  if you save a copy of your project on a network drive, don’t edit the project within the network drive itself. Problems can arise due to network latency. You have been warned.

You can also opt for Captivate to automatically save a backup copy of your Captivate files.  This option is located in the General Settings of the Preferences dialog box (Edit>Preferences). 

When the Generate Project Backup option is selected, Captivate will create a backup file with the extension .bak the next time the project is saved.  As you save changes to your project, those changes will be saved in the .bak file as well.  If the unthinkable happens and your file becomes corrupted, you can recover any saved changes to the project by changing the .bak file extension to .cptx (or .cp for Captivate 4 users).  This can be done by simply renaming the project and opening the file in Captivate.  

Take the opportunity now, while you’re thinking about it, to back up your projects.  You’ll be glad you did!

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