Monthly Archives: June 2011

Two Videos: Creating custom Adobe Connect 8 pods

I’ve just finished two videos on creating custom pods for Adobe Connect 8 using the Collaboration Builder SDK.  Both Part 1 and Part 2 are posted to our Videos section. Part 1 demonstrates how to get started building a custom pod with Flash Builder and the Flex 3.5 framework.  This is great for developers because Flex is a fantastic framework to use for development.  However, Flash users are left a bit in the dark because not only do you need … Continue reading

ActionScript2 pods in Adobe Connect 8

Let me preface this post with: The synchronizing of ActionScript 2 Flash files in Adobe Connect 8 is completely unsupported. It’s recommend you use the Flex 3.5 SDK to build custom pods.  This article is meant to show you a way hack you can use to make your AS2 content sync in an Adobe Connect 8 meeting room.  For more information on building a “real” custom pod, download the Collaboration Builder SDK from the Adobe Connect Developer Center.  Stay tuned … Continue reading

Don’t forget to Backup!

We’ve all heard it, yet many of us fail to do it.  Sometimes it creeps into our brains as a passing thought that’s quickly dismissed, much as one might dismiss a mother’s warning about not going swimming right after eating.  And then the day comes when we beat our head against the wall saying “Why?! Why didn’t I save a backup copy of my project?!” Believe me, I am just as guilty as the next person of neglecting this critical … Continue reading

Microsoft Tips and Tricks

In the interest of making sure our Microsoft users are not left in the dust, I’ve decided to begin posting mini-tutorials focusing on several of the Microsoft Office products on our video resources page.  These tutorials will be fairly short in duration and will provide a brief overview of  various tools and features.  Check out the first video on how to apply conditional formatting in Excel 2010.