cf.Objective() Presentation: Multi-screen Development

I was fortunate enough to give a presentation at this year’s cf.Objective() conference in Minneapolis.  My presentation was titled Multi-screen Development with Adobe AIR. Below are the slides from my presentation.  The last slide in the deck has some additional resources where you can download sample files and get started developing mobile applications.

2 Responses to cf.Objective() Presentation: Multi-screen Development

  1. Thank you for a great presentation, one of my favorites of the conference.

    I tried to replicate your demo locally, and I failed to connect to my device. I have something in my notes about including a SWC when deploying to the device rather than the desktop. Can you tell me which swc it needs?

    • The SWC file was only necessary if you were creating a app for the Blackberry PlayBook. I’m assuming you are building an Android app in your example, correct? On some Windows machines, the USB drivers are not correctly installed for testing on a phone. It’s easy to fix. Here’s the documentation for setting up an Android device: