Text Display Issue in Captivate 4

Recently, a student brought a Captivate 4 issue to our attention. When creating a project, their text captions looked fine during development. However when published, it looked like bold formatting had been applied to the text. After digging a bit deeper, we discovered the issue was only occurring in transparent text captions. The problem? Anti-aliasing. 


Anti-aliasing is used to smooth the edges of text and graphics on your computer screen.  Your computer screen is made up of pixels. Without anti-aliasing, your text would look something like this:


 Not so hot, right?  But when anti-aliasing is applied, your text appears with smooth, rounded corners:


Now, I know what you’re thinking.  You’re thinking, “Oh, I get it!  I just need to turn anti-aliasing on in Captivate, right?”  That’s certainly a reasonable guess, however it’s incorrect. In earlier versions of Captivate, there is actually a glitch that causes text  in transparent captions to display improperly.  The solution?  Turn anti-aliasing OFF for transparent captions.  This option can be found by opening the Preferences window (Edit>Preferences).  Under the Project category, select SWF Size and Quality. Deselect Anti-alias Transparent Captions.

Captivate 5 users will be happy to note that this is a non-issue thanks to the many improvements in Captivate 5.  If you’re still using wondering if  you should upgrade, be sure to check out Adobe’s website to learn more about all of the new features available in Captivate 5.   

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