Is web conferencing right for you?

Last week Easel Solutions hosted an exhibitor booth at Infotec, an annual business technology conference put on by the AIM Institute in Nebraska. Over the course of two days, I spent a significant amount of time speaking to conference attendees about the new features in Adobe Connect 8, Adobe’s enterprise web conferencing solution.  I had a blast watching people’s expressions as I demonstrated Connect’s multimedia capabilities and collaboration tools and was amazed at the different ways that attendees saw themselves using web conferencing.   One person I spoke with is planning on using it primarily for interoffice communication. Instead of  having employees meet at their central office for weekly project meetings, they’re going to begin  implementing  web conferencing to reduce the time and cost of employees traveling between offices.  Another person I spoke with, a professor at a local college, expressed interest in incorporating web conferences as an additional means of communicating  and sharing ideas with students. 

The cost and time saving benefits of web conferencing tools are well worth the investment to large organizations.  But what about small businesses or businesses that don’t feel quite ready to take the plunge?  Never you fear! has a free (that’s right, I said FREE) web conferencing tool called ConnectNow.  I recently blogged about ConnectNow on SBA Midlands website  If you’re interested in delving into web conferencing but aren’t sure if it’s right for you, give ConnectNow a try.  It’s a great low pressure way to get your feet wet without feeling like you have to dive in head first.

For those who are ready to move from the wading pool into the deep end, you definitely want to check out Connect 8.  We’d love to have you join us for one of our weekly Connect demonstrations.

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