Adobe Connect Mobile: Device Harmony

Adobe Connect brings people together.  Whether you are video conferencing, sharing your desktop, conducting an online training session, or hosting an online Fantasy Football Draft (yes, I’ve used it for that), Adobe Connect brings people together.  You’d expect the same to be true from the mobile side.  Adobe Connect Mobile is available for Android, BlackBerry’s PlayBook, and yes, iPhones and iPads.  It doesn’t matter your platform.  All devices communicating in perfect harmony! Check out my Connect Meeting complete with mobile attendance.  The devices were even broadcasting their cameras (click to enlarge)!

It was tricky juggling the devices all at once, but I managed to get my HTC EVO positioned on my desk, PlayBook in my hand and laptop camera capturing it all.  For the record, our first-generation iPad does not have a camera.  It could see the video and communicate by chatting, though:

The free Connect Mobile application can be downloaded from you app store (Android Marketplace, BlackBerry App World, or iTunes App Store).  The iOS application has not been updated yet, so the graphics are not optimized for the iPad.  It looks better on an iPhone or iPod Touch.  The updated application will be coming very soon.  Since the Android and BlackBerry app has been updated, the interfaces are exactly alike.  Here’s a quick tour from my HTC EVO. Click any image to enlarge it.

As you can see from the image above, the first tab on the left displays the entire connect room (just like on the desktop).  This doesn’t look great on my EVO, but on my PlayBook’s larger screen, it’s a nice way to see the whole meeting.  As you move down the left tabs, you’ll individual views for Sharing, Cameras, Chatting, and the Attendee List:




Attendee List


All my devices were participants in the meeting room, which meant they could only watch the meeting.  In the Attendee Pod, I gave each device Camera Rights so they could broadcast their cameras.  When I gave them this right, a webcam icon appeared on the right to allow them to toggle their camera on and off:

To log out, you can hit the power-looking button on the right or pop open the native menu:


There you have it.  Adobe Connect Mobile is very polished and an exciting way to participate in a Connect Meeting.




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