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Adobe Connect Mobile: Device Harmony

Adobe Connect brings people together.  Whether you are video conferencing, sharing your desktop, conducting an online training session, or hosting an online Fantasy Football Draft (yes, I’ve used it for that), Adobe Connect brings people together.  You’d expect the same to be true from the mobile side.  Adobe Connect Mobile is available for Android, BlackBerry’s PlayBook, and yes, iPhones and iPads.  It doesn’t matter your platform.  All devices communicating in perfect harmony! Check out my Connect Meeting complete with mobile … Continue reading

Getting started with iPhone/iPad development

There’s a lot of excitement around mobile development.  When Adobe released Creative Suite 5 last year, they released their Packager for iPhone.  It’s a tool that converts Flash/Air applications to native iOS applications.  This tool was shipped with Flash CS5 and there are currently 1000′s of applications in the iTunes store that have been built with Flash. Don’t you love the irony? Over the next week or so, I will be posting a number of videos and tutorials on developing … Continue reading

Is web conferencing right for you?

Last week Easel Solutions hosted an exhibitor booth at Infotec, an annual business technology conference put on by the AIM Institute in Nebraska. Over the course of two days, I spent a significant amount of time speaking to conference attendees about the new features in Adobe Connect 8, Adobe’s enterprise web conferencing solution.  I had a blast watching people’s expressions as I demonstrated Connect’s multimedia capabilities and collaboration tools and was amazed at the different ways that attendees saw themselves using web conferencing.   One … Continue reading

“Cannot create property” error in Flash

I just spent an hour trying to fix this error.  When I finally did, I realized it was a super easy problem and should have only taken 10 seconds to fix.  Hopefully this post helps some else out there… The Setup I’m editing a Flash file that was created by someone else (which is why I was blindsided by this issue).  All the ActionScript is in a number of class files….nothing fancy, though.  I added an image to the stage … Continue reading

Text Display Issue in Captivate 4

Recently, a student brought a Captivate 4 issue to our attention. When creating a project, their text captions looked fine during development. However when published, it looked like bold formatting had been applied to the text. After digging a bit deeper, we discovered the issue was only occurring in transparent text captions. The problem? Anti-aliasing.    Anti-WHAT?? Anti-aliasing is used to smooth the edges of text and graphics on your computer screen.  Your computer screen is made up of pixels. Without anti-aliasing, your text would … Continue reading

Easel Solutions at ASTD’s Regional Event

ASTD-Lincoln and ASTD Nebraska have joined forces to bring in a full-day event that will place you in the same room as seven world renowned speakers who will help you Do More With Less. The ASTD Regional Event will bring together over 600 professionals, business and community leaders on May 18, 2011 at the LaVista Conference Center for Human Performance Improvement: Doing More With Less.  The highly anticipated conference features a networking reception the night prior to the event, seven … Continue reading

Flash Builder 4.5 and the new Flex SDK

If you haven’t heard, Creative Suite 5.5 was just announced.  With it came another exciting announcement: Flash Builder 4.5.  Not only is the Eclipse-based development tool pumped full of new features, but it will ship with an updated SDK.  Below is a look at some of the exciting new features both in Flash Builder and in the new 4.5 SDK.  The features list includes links to additional resources.  We’ll be posting some video too so you have no excuse for … Continue reading

Just Announced: Creative Suite 5.5

Adobe has announced a significant update to Creative Suite, with the unveiling of the first mid-cycle release: Creative Suite 5.5.  This is part of a new release strategy, where they are moving away from milestone releases (such as CS3, CS4, CS5). Mid-cycle releases will keep designers and developers ahead of technology changes, such as the mobile communications revolution (tablets!) that is radically altering how content is consumed and created. Some highlights from CS5.5…. For Web folks: huge updates to HTML5 … Continue reading

Adobe Connect 8 Service Pack 1

  Today, Adobe began upgrading customers using the hosted version of Adobe Connect 8 with Service Pack 1 (SP1). For customers already on version 8, SP1 will provide new user experience enhancements based on valuable feedback since the release of Adobe Connect 8. If you have not yet been upgraded to Adobe Connect 8, you will be upgraded directly to Adobe Connect 8 SP1 per Adobe’s migration schedule. For information on the timing of your upgrade, please visit our migration … Continue reading

Webinar Recording: Instructional Design Basics

Jill Binau from Easel Solutions just finished a great webinar on Instructional Design Basics for eLearning.  You can view the recording of the webinar here.  To see a list of other webinar recordings, check out the Resources page.  Stay tuned to for a list of upcoming webinars.