Free Blackberry PlayBook – For Real!

I while back, I posted a message about an offer from Blackberry to receive a free Blackberry PlayBook.  I built and submitted an application back on December 23rd.  Today I finally received my approval:

Dear App World Vendor,

Congratulations!! Research In Motion is pleased to inform you that your product Twin Cities Traffic Cameras for BlackBerry PlayBook is now approved. Currently your application is in an ‘Approved’ state within the vendor portal, please leave in this state until further notice. Details to follow shortly on next steps, we look forward to working with you on our exciting BlackBerry PlayBook launch.


The BlackBerry App World™ Team

You still have time to get yours.  Your application must be submitted by March 15th.  If it’s approved, you’ll get free tablet as well.  Check out the Blackberry Tablet OS development page for details.

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