AIR NativeDragManager and Windows 7

Hopefully this tip will save you an hour of debugging.  I was working with the NativeDragManager in an Adobe AIR app and I couldn’t get my application to accept an image file being dragged from the file system.  The reason was due to the elusive Windows 7 “Run as Administrator” setting.

I had opened Flash Builder 4 in administrator mode by right-clicking on the shortcut and choosing “Run As Administrator.”  I do this anytime I’ve installed/updated Flash Builder because it often needs to do some fancy system stuff to complete an installation.  Because it was in administrator mode, when I tested my AIR application, it was in administrator mode too.  My application would not accept any files from a non-administrator place (i.e. the desktop).

To fix the problem, I closed Flash Builder and reopened it as a normal application.  When I tested my AIR app, everything worked fine.

One Response to AIR NativeDragManager and Windows 7

  1. BINGO! Yes, you did save me some time – unfortunately I had already wasted an hour and was about to throw the machine out the window. Our machines are locked down TIGHT so once I ran the AIR file as an Admin, it worked. Still can’t get it to run from the IDE and work (yes, tried the above), but I’ll figure that out out next. Corporate machines always have hidden “features” that keep you from being productive…. THANKS!