Replay slide in Captivate 5

Replay a slide?  That doesn’t seem so tough.  Well, it’s not the most intuitive process in Captivate.  You can easily tell a button to take you to the next slide or the previous slide, but if you simply want to replay the current slide, you need to do a little advanced scripting.  Don’t worry, it’s pretty easy to pull off.

  • Select your button and find the Actions section of the Properties panel.
  • On Success, select Execute Advanced Actions and click the folder icon to open your Advanced Actions editor.

  • Give the action a name like ReplaySlide (no spaces allowed) and click to add an action.

A drop-down box appears with a list of possible actions.

  • Select Assign and choose cpCmndGotoSlide as the variable.
  • After the word with, choose variable from the next drop-down list (event if it’s already selected).  This will let you choose what variable you want to assign to cpCmndGotoSlide.

  • Choose rdinfoCurrentSlide
  • Finish your custom action by adding a Continue command (the same way you added the Assign command above).
  • Click Save to save the action.



You’ll need to modify these steps slightly.  Here is a screenshot of what your Advanced Actions panel should look like:


To summarize, the ReplaySlide action will tell Captivate to go to the current slide and continue (play).  When you click close, your Action section should look like this:

Captivate will save this action with this project so, to repeat this action on another button in your project, simply select the button, choose Execute Advanced Actions, and choose ReplaySlide from the Script drop-down.

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