Monthly Archives: January 2011

Mobile Webinar Recap

Just finished a webinar on creating mobile applications with Adobe AIR.  In the presentation we covered three developer programs (iOS, RIM, Android) and demonstrated the entire development process.  We took a PSD file into Flash, created the application and tested it on a device.  We then submitted the app to the Android Marketplace.  To download the app, search “Easel Solutions” in the Android Marketplace.  Download design templates for an Android device here.  Check out the slides from the presentation: Mobile … Continue reading

Eyeo Festival: June 27-29, 2011

Fans of the perennial Flashbelt conference in Minneapolis have already learned there will be no conference this year.  Here’s the official message from the Flashbelt website: Flashbelt is taking a sabbatical for 2011, but a new event has been launched. If you like Flashbelt, you’ll love the Eyeo Festival. While we’ll all miss this fantastic conference, a new event has emerged to fill its void.  The Eyeo Festival will be making its debut June 27-29, 2011 in Minneapolis.  What’s the Eyeo Festival? … Continue reading

Replay slide in Captivate 5

Replay a slide?  That doesn’t seem so tough.  Well, it’s not the most intuitive process in Captivate.  You can easily tell a button to take you to the next slide or the previous slide, but if you simply want to replay the current slide, you need to do a little advanced scripting.  Don’t worry, it’s pretty easy to pull off. Select your button and find the Actions section of the Properties panel. On Success, select Execute Advanced Actions and click … Continue reading