Monthly Archives: December 2010

Android applications for the non-programmer

Are you a non-programmer with some basic Flash skills that REALLY wants to hop on the mobile bandwagon and make an application that will make you millions of dollars?  If so, I have a tutorial video for you!  I just uploaded another video on mobile development.  I wanted to demonstrate building a simple mobile applications and submitting it to the Android Marketplace.  This allows you to see the entire process.  The application is a simple reference application:  Click a button, … Continue reading

New videos posted: Testing Android Applications

I just posted two more videos about creating Android applications with Flash CS5.  The first video shows how to test your application on an Android Device.  The second video shows how to set up the Android Emulator and test your application (if you don’t have a device).  For the record, I highly recommend picking up a testing device if you are serious about mobile development.  The emulator doesn’t have the best performance and can be a little frustrating to set … Continue reading

Fixing ActionScript Errors

Fixing ActionScript errors is always a difficult task for new developers.  The cryptic language that Flash likes to communicate back to the user with is not always the easiest to understand.  A typical ActionScript error in Flash Professional will look something like this: Implicit coercion?  It’s pretty obvious why people struggle learning ActionScript.  There are essentially two parts to an ActionScript Error:  The location (on the left) and the description (on the right).  Double-clicking on an error takes you to … Continue reading

Holiday Secret Strokes using InDesign

The last few versions of Adobe InDesign contain the ability to do custom strokes of dashes, lines, and dot styles. This ability can be accessed by going to the Stroke Panel’s pop out menu on the upper right and selecting Stroke Styles. The dialog box will come up and show you some default styles. For this example, we are going to select New and create our own. At the top you can pick if you want to create a custom … Continue reading