Get a free BlackBerry PlayBook!

Research in Motion (RIM) announced at Adobe MAX this  year that you can receive a free BlackBerry PlayBook tablet by successfully submitting an application to the Blackberry App World.  This is a pretty exciting announcement for Flash/Flex developers because the PlayBook is fully supporting Adobe AIR.  This means you can build an AIR application using the BlackBerry Tablet OS SDK, test the application in the simulator, and publish the application to the BlackBerry App World.  Assuming your application meets the Vendor Guidelines, you will receive a free PlayBook.  Below are some resources that will help you get started.

Tablet OS Application Development Guide:

Upcoming webcast series:

Information about the free PlayBook offer:

Flash Platform Development for BlackBerry Tablet OS:

Article on Building Flex Mobile applications in with Flash Builder Burrito:

This offer is available until RIM starts shipping the BlackBerry Playbook.  Of course, it would be nice to have the tablet in your hand during the development, however they don’t have the hardware available in a large quantity yet.  RIM will do their best to send your PlayBook as soon as possible so you can test and update your application(s).


For those running Windows 7 64-bit, you’ll experience some issues installing the current release of the SDK (the installed only supports 32 bit).  You can get around this by manually extracting the necessary files.  Click here for an article describing the steps.

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