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Get a free BlackBerry PlayBook!

Research in Motion (RIM) announced at Adobe MAX this  year that you can receive a free BlackBerry PlayBook tablet by successfully submitting an application to the Blackberry App World.  This is a pretty exciting announcement for Flash/Flex developers because the PlayBook is fully supporting Adobe AIR.  This means you can build an AIR application using the BlackBerry Tablet OS SDK, test the application in the simulator, and publish the application to the BlackBerry App World.  Assuming your application meets the … Continue reading

Flash vs. HTML5: Stop the drama!

I thought I’d post a few resources for anyone out there still confused about the Flash vs. HTML5 battle. A  number of people are still wondering about the fate of Flash or whether Adobe is for or against HTML5.  Hopefully some of the following resources will help clear the air. Adobe loves HTML5 Adobe is very excited about HTLM5.  Yes, I said very excited.  At Adobe MAX this year, they spent a lot of time demonstrating their support for HTML5. … Continue reading

Adobe Ideas

Your sketching software companion has arrived!  Adobe Ideas is a mobile sketching software application available for the iPhone and iPad.  You can start from scratch or open an image on your device.  It’s basically a virtual canvas where you can start creating ideas for your next design.  The files can be emailed right from your device and you can open them in Photoshop or Illustrator.  Check it out:

eBooks, ePub, iPads, etc.

Digital Publishing is becoming all the rage.  Adobe has been adding features into InDesign which are extending the reach of your content.  No longer is InDesign limited to a paper medium.  Publishers are looking to produce their printed content in the form of digital magazines or electronic books. ePub Files An ePub (Electronic Publication) file is a free and open e-book standard.  ePub files end with a .epub extension.  They support re-flowable (word wrap) and re-sizable text, inline raster/vector images, … Continue reading

Adobe Connect 8 Announced

On November 1st, Adobe introduced the next major release of Adobe Connect: Version 8.0.  Adobe® Connect™ is an enterprise web conferencing solution for online meetings, eLearning, and webinars used by leading corporations and government agencies. And it’s based on Adobe Flash® technology, so you can deliver rich interactions that participants can join easily. This release brings a number of exciting new features, including a brand new meeting module with an improved interface and richer controls.  Here are a few of … Continue reading