Monthly Archives: October 2010

October CS5 Illustrator Tips

Here are some new object features within Illustrator CS5… Paste In Place – If you need to place an object in the exact same position on another artboard, just copy the object and then select the artboard where you would like to paste the object and go File>Paste in Place. Paste on All Artboards – A variation on Paste in Place is the Paste on All Artboards. This command pastes the copied object on all the artboards in the same … Continue reading

Run your Adobe Presenter updater

Anyone working with Adobe software knows there’s always an update available.  Some choose to ignore them.  As annoying as they may be, it’s good to keep your software up to date.  Adobe Presenter is no exception.  If you install Adobe Presenter, you may have trouble finding the Updates… link under the Help menu.  To get it to show up, you need to accept the licensing agreement.  You won’t be prompted to accept the agreement until you try to do something … Continue reading

HTML 5 Pack for Illustrator

If you head over to Adobe Labs you can download a preview version of an extension which adds HTML5 support for Adobe Illustrator CS5.  There are two different ways you can leverage this support: SVG and CSS3 SVG: Scalable Vector Graphics HTML5 means support for SVG or vector graphics on the web.  This is great for targeting multiple screen sizes.  Your graphics can scale and resize without distortion since they are still vectored.  Most current browsers have some support for … Continue reading