Adobe Labs updated: Something for everyone

Tomorrow’s keynote at Adobe Max is titled Welcome to the Revolution.  If history tells us anything, these keynotes are always filled with new product announcements, updates to existing products, and a plethora of state-of-the-union-style information about where Adobe is heading.  It’s that time of the year when Adobe prepares to rejuvenate the digital world.  In preparation for the keynote, I see the Adobe Labs home page has been updated with a little something for everyone.  Four updates and one new release have been added to Adobe Labs.  Here’s what you need to know:

  • Flash Builder Burrito: No hablo espanol?  No worries.  ”Burrito” is the next version of Flash Builder which adds a great number of features to the Eclipse-based development environment.  This includes mobile projects (both Flex-based and ActionScript based) which will greatly streamline development processes targeting multiple devices.
  • Flex Hero: Everybody loves a Hero, right?  This is the next version of the Flex SDK.  It contains a light-weight component set for mobile development as well as Spark versions of components that haven’t been updated yet (DataGrid, Image, etc).
  • Flash Catalyst Panini: Unlike the flat bread, this product us thick with features.  For those of you who have flirted with version 1.0 of Flash Catalyst, now is the time to check out it’s offspring.  Look for tighter integration with Flash Builder and a number of added features (animations, components panel, interactions, etc).
  • Acrobat PDF Portfolio SDK: For the one or two people out there that attempted to make a PDF Portfolio navigation with Flex, you quickly realized this was simply not possible. OK, it was possible, but not a smooth process.  Now a “navigator project” has been added to Flash Builder with this SDK.  Acrobat X has also added a completely new architecture that will be fun to work with.
  • Adobe Digital Publishing Suite: For those of you waiting to jump into the digital magazine market, let me introduce the Digital Content Bundler.  Expect a video tutorial within the next day or two to help explain this tool.  The short story is that it will take interactive content create from InDesign and package it for delivery in online stores such as the iTunes Store.

For more information or to download the applications, visit

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