Adobe announces Acrobat X

Early this morning, Adobe announced the next version of Acrobat.  This is version 10 so the product is appropriately titled Acrobat X. For the record, Adobe has repackaged/renamed the products surrounding Acrobat to the Free Adobe Reader X, Acrobat X Standard, Acrobat X Pro, and Acrobat X Suite.  For a detailed look at the difference between these products, visit the Product Comparison page on Adobe’s website.  Here’s an overview about what’s new in version 10:

Acrobat X Features

  • Automate routine, multi-step tasks with new guided Actions and easily share them with coworkers and collaborators, reducing the burden of training.
  • Change how users view, think and interact with content and its context with PDF Portfolios using new layouts, visual themes and color palettes.
  • Maximize the power of Adobe Photoshop® and Adobe Acrobat to easily create dynamic communications with the new Acrobat X Suite. Quickly capture, edit and combine digital content right from the desktop.
  • Increase productivity across the organization with new Microsoft® SharePoint integration. Check-in, check-out PDF files for reviewing and editing shared documents.
  • Streamline the process for large organizations to deploy, configure and manage updates and conform to ISO standards, in both Adobe Reader X and Acrobat X, including support for Microsoft SCCM and SCUP.
  • Display the most commonly used tools all in one pane with the updated user interface.

For those using Adobe Reader X

  • Commenting is now available in Adobe Reader X, with Sticky Notes and Highlighter tools available to all users.
  • Expands PDF access to mobile devices with free Adobe Reader X for Android, Windows® Phone 7 and Blackberry Tablet OS.
  • Safer viewing of PDF files with new Protected Mode security capabilities in Reader X.

New Services via

  • Adobe SendNow, a valuable new document exchange service at, enables users to send and receive large files and track them with proof of receipt, avoiding e-mail gateway issues, complicated FTP servers, or the costs of expensive overnight mail.
  • Adobe CreatePDF for easily converting files to professional PDF documents from within Adobe Reader X or any Web browser.

Currently, you can only preorder Acrobat X.  Preorders receive free shipping through November 30th so you’d expect it to be available sometime around then.

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