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Adobe MAX Day 2: Sneak Peeks

The Sneak Peeks culminated a educational second day of Adobe MAX.  For those of you not familiar with the “Sneaks”, this is Adobe’s opportunity to showcase some experimental technologies they are working on in their secret underground labs.  The disclaimer is these experiments may never actually make it into the products.  So don’t be disappointed if they never make it into the products.  Below is a quick summary of what was showcased.  For the record, Leonard Nimoy was slated to … Continue reading

Keynote: Ready for the Revolution

There were a lot of cool announcements and updates on current products as well as a few surprises.  Firstly, you can watch the keynote in it’s entirety on the Adobe MAX website.  Here’s a quick recap of what was covered in no particular order: Flash Player 10.1 has over 2 million installations on mobile devices.  Adobe expects 10 million by the end of the year. If you aren’t using the new multi-screen features in Dreamweaver CS5 for testing your websites, … Continue reading

Adobe Labs updated: Something for everyone

Tomorrow’s keynote at Adobe Max is titled Welcome to the Revolution.  If history tells us anything, these keynotes are always filled with new product announcements, updates to existing products, and a plethora of state-of-the-union-style information about where Adobe is heading.  It’s that time of the year when Adobe prepares to rejuvenate the digital world.  In preparation for the keynote, I see the Adobe Labs home page has been updated with a little something for everyone.  Four updates and one new release have been added … Continue reading

Adobe MAX Preview

We’re in Los Angeles, California ready for the annual Adobe MAX conference. The conference is located at the L.A. Convention Center in downtown L.A.  Keep checking back for the latest announcements from the conference.  I’ll be updating the blog as much as possible.  Also, I’ll recap the end of each day with resources, videos and any other information you should know.  Here’s a look at a few things that have me excited: Flex Mobile Development: “Hero” is the code name … Continue reading

New video tips for InDesign & Adobe Lightroom…

These are two mini-tips showing the new Mini Bridge in InDesign CS5 to locate and reuse linked assets, and simple way to customize the way Lightroom presents your photos in Sideshow mode.

Quick Panoramas with Photoshop

Yes, I know.  This feature has been in Photoshop since CS3.  Still, every time I stitch together a panorama, I’m amazed at the technology. I recently returned from a trip up north to Giants Ridge in Biwabik, Minnesota (aka The Iron Range).  The fall colors were at their prime so naturally I took a lot of pictures.  At one point, I took a sequence of four pictures that would make a good panorama.  For the record, the images are of … Continue reading

Easel Solutions @ Adobe MAX

Easel Solutions will be live at the Adobe MAX conference October 23-27 in Los Angeles, CA.  The MAX conference is Adobe’s annual opportunity to showcase the latest and greatest they have to offer.  There will be plenty of product demonstrations and announcements about up coming releases (Acrobat X, AIR for Android, etc).  Mobile will be a hot item at this year’s conference and we’re all excited to see how Adobe’s commitment to the Open Screen project is evolving and see … Continue reading

Head to Head: Flash, Flash Catalyst, and InDesign

Creative Suite 5 made it possible to develop Flash applications with three different products: Flash Professional (FL), Flash Catalyst (FC), and InDesign (ID).  I’ve watched a lot of demos on Adobe TV about this and was inspired to compare all three.  I just posted a four-part series on our video site.  My goal was to build the same application with all three products.  Here is how the four parts break down: Part 1 – Workflow: I import the design from … Continue reading

Adobe announces Acrobat X

Early this morning, Adobe announced the next version of Acrobat.  This is version 10 so the product is appropriately titled Acrobat X. For the record, Adobe has repackaged/renamed the products surrounding Acrobat to the Free Adobe Reader X, Acrobat X Standard, Acrobat X Pro, and Acrobat X Suite.  For a detailed look at the difference between these products, visit the Product Comparison page on Adobe’s website.  Here’s an overview about what’s new in version 10: Acrobat X Features Automate routine, multi-step tasks with new … Continue reading

Flex font issue in ToggleButtonBar

When you are styling Flex components, fixing font issues can be one of the most frustrating and time-consuming tasks. A classic example is changing the ToggleButtonBar component font.  Conventional wisdom would tell you to write a little CSS: ToggleButtonBar { fontFamily: "Knowledge Black"; fontSize: 12; } However, this yields some funky looking text: The reason is because the ToggleButtonBar has a default button style which tells the font to be bold. The “Knowledge Black” font does not have a “bold” … Continue reading