Monthly Archives: September 2010

Extension Manager on Windows 7

I noticed the Adobe Extension Manager that ships with Creative Suite was giving me an error when I would try to install an extension. It turns out you have to run it as an administrator. I would assume this is the case on Windows Vista as well. Here’s how to make it (and any other program for that matter) permanently run as an administrator. Right-click on the program in your start menu and choose Properties: Under the Compatibility tab, click … Continue reading

Consistent browser size with Captivate recordings

Adobe Captivate is a great tool for creating demonstrations on your computer.  In a case where you are capturing a process in a web browser, a major hurdle is consistency when re-recording or editing the demonstration.  As you begin a new recording, you need to make sure the browser window is the exact same size each time you record.  Otherwise you’ll see a jump from slide to slide.  Here are a few tips to make this process a lot easier. … Continue reading

Flex and IE8-64bit

If your using Flex Builder 3 or Flash Builder 4 as your development tool, you may see this issue when testing your applications in Internet Explorer: Internet Explorer is not finding the Flash Player plugin so you are seeing the alternate content.  The reason for this is most likely because you are testing in the 64-bit version of Internet Explorer 8.  Flash Player is currently not 64-bit compatible (see my note at the end of the post about this).  To … Continue reading